International Center for Hellenic Research
Dear supporters and friends of the International Center for Hellenic Research,

We are proud and glad to update you on the completion of the filming and editing of the documentary entitled "Byzantium after Byzantium - Το Βυζάντιο μετά το Βυζάντιο". The documentary focuses on the role of Phanariotes in the conservation of Hellenism after the fall of Constantinople.
This endeavor of the International Center of Hellenic Research represents the first completed project of our institute about the Ecumenical Hellenism and the Philhellenes and it has been selected for the 2011 Film Festival of Thessaloniki. The premiere has been scheduled for Saturday, March 12, 2011 (more information is available at the website of the
Your presence in the premiere will be an honor for all the historians and colleagues that contributed in the preparation of this documentary, as well as for all Board members.
Please allow us to express our gratitude for your support.


Board of Directors of the International Center for Hellenic Research

Dr. Dr. Erato Paris (President, France, Greece)
Dr. Konstantinos Drosatos (Secretary of International Relations, USA)
Dr. Richard Dubois (Treasurer, France)